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Researcher Responsibilities

The University is strongly committed to safe and respectful workplaces conducive to high-quality research and prohibits discrimination, harassment, bullying, stalking, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct. See the University's Policies and Reporting Resources

Ethical conduct and a safe, inclusive environment are fundamental to all sponsored projects.


Reporting Harrassment & Code-of-Conduct Violations 

Sponsors such as NSF, NIH, NASA, and others require prompt reporting of harassment and misconduct. Reporting must occur within several business days of administrative actions or investigations. The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) handles reporting, coordinating with relevant university offices and departments.

For specifics on reporting requirements, refer to our sponsor reporting matrix. Additional guidelines apply when university personnel work at federal government facilities.


Federal Agency Perspectives on Management Plans 

In response to allegations of misconduct, sponsors expect the University to evaluate the following:

  1. The safety and security of personnel supported by the award.
  2. The overall impact on the project.
  3. Appropriate actions required for the project to proceed.

When the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is required to report, sponsors often inquire about measures taken to ensure personnel safety and security. Upon reviewing a report, sponsors are likely to ask:

  • Has the risk to staff and students been mitigated?
  • Was the Principal Investigator (PI) relieved of supervisory responsibilities while remaining the PI of the award?
  • Has the University addressed the matter adequately and appropriately?
  • Are there additional steps or safeguards the University should implement?

If deemed necessary, sponsors may assert stewardship responsibilities and oversight authority, potentially resulting in the removal of the PI, or suspension or termination of the award. They may also refer the matter to the Department of Justice for further investigation.

Long-Term Disengagement

In cases where a respondent temporarily disengages from one or more sponsored projects for a period exceeding three months, please notify Todd Bjorklund and discuss arrangements for oversight and sponsor notification and approval.


Additional Resources 

Field Work


The NSF policy (refer to Chapter XI.A.1.g.) advocates for safe, harassment-free scientific environments, prioritizing community collaboration to eradicate all forms of harassment and cultivate inclusive climates for learning and development.




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Last Updated: 4/17/24