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Identifying and managing financial conflicts of interest in research, scholarly activities, procurement, and intellectual property.

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Educating the research community about best practices in preventing and combatting undue foreign influence.

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Providing oversight, training, services, and supplies to research involving hazardous biological materials.

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Protecting the rights and welfare of of research participants.

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Committed to responsible and ethical research and following rigorous guidelines to meet the highest standards of animal welfare.

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Facilitating ethical, efficient and high-quality research by protecting overall data integrity.

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Education and training to support, develop, and maintain standardized knowledge and best practice methodology for research.

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Advisory support for researchers in challenging research situations.

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Overseeing the Utah Population Database for the collection, study, and dissemination of medical and related information

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Promoting Integrity and respect in research activities.

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Resources to enhance the experience for research participant volunteers.

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Need help with your Data Management Plan?




A free, open-source, online application for creating a DMP

The University of Utah has joined dozens of institutions nationwide in providing researchers access to the DMPTool, a free, open-source, online application administered by the California Digital Library.  The DMPTool provides a click-through wizard for creating a DMP that complies with funder requirements.

To get started

  1. Go to 
  2. Login using your UNID
  3. Select the funding agency whose guidelines you want to follow
  4. Fill in the prompts to build your DMP

The document will be saved under your UNID and when you've completed your DMP, the document will be ready to download for your grant application.

For questions, please contact Kaylee Alexander ( or Madison Golden (












Consider serving on
one of our review boards

Institutional Review Board

Conflict of Interest Board

Resource for Genetic and
Epidemiologic Research

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The Electronic Lab Notebook for Modern Scientists

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Last Updated: 5/17/24