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Erin Rothwell, PhD

Erin Rothwell, PhD

Associate Vice President for Research
Dr. Rothwell is the Associate Vice President for Research of the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance. She has extensive experience in bioethics and human subjects protections. She served on the IRB and hospital ethics committees, and completed a competitive bioethics fellowship from the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Rothwell also brings a wealth of experience with her successful program of research on informed patient decision making and the ethical implications of emerging technologies within the context of genomics, population screening and public health across the reproductive continuum of care.

Dr. Frost is the Director of the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC). She has an MPH in Population and Family Health and a PhD in Applied, Cultural, and Medical Anthropology. She is a fellow with the Society for Applied Anthropology. Dr. Frost has extensive research experience on qualitative and mixed methods research conducted in the U.S., Ghana, Japan, and Morocco. She is Co-chair of the Institutional Review Board and teaches the required Ethical Conduct of Research course for the Health Sciences & Main campuses at the University of Utah. Dr. Frost is a Research Professor in the College of Social Work and an Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine.

Caren Frost

Caren J. Frost, PhD, MPH
Director, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC)

Heather Sudbury

Heather Sudbury

Operations Manager

Mrs. Sudbury is responsible for handling operations within the Research Integrity and Compliance office. She is a recipient of the University Staff Excellence Award. Mrs. Sudbury has worked at the University of Utah since 1999 in Pediatrics, Medical Ethics, and Research Integrity.

Mr. Barlow is the RGE Director. He has worked for the University since 1995 and for Research Administration since 2007. RGE is responsible for the administrative oversight of the Utah Population Database (UPDB), a unique and nationally renowned data resource for genetic and epidemiologic research. Jahn came to Salt Lake City from Texas in 1991 and earned a BS in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Utah.


Jahn Barlow, MPA
Director, Resource for Genetic Epidemiology (RGE)


Neil Bowles, PhD

Biosafety Officer

Dr. Bowles is the Director of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of London, UK in 1988. He completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and Baylor College of Medicine, Houston. While a faculty member at Baylor and the University of Utah, Neil served as a member of their IBCs from 2005 to 2011, and was Chair of the Utah IBC from 2011 to 2015. In 2015, Neil became the University of Utah Biosafety Officer and has since served as the IBC Administrator and Director.

Mr. Trent Foxley has been associated with the research industry for over 15 years. His range of experience expands across laboratory, study coordination, regulatory affairs, training/education, management, quality assurance and compliance.  Trent is currently the Associate Director of Research & Science with the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance, where he specializes in risk management for international engagement and compliance.

Trent Foxley

Trent Foxley
Associate Director, International Engagement and Compliance

Sadie Gabler

Sadie Gabler
Director, Research Participant Advocacy
Ms. Gabler serves as the Director of Research Participant Advocacy. She has been employed by the University since 2006. She joined the Research Integrity and Compliance Office in 2008. Sadie’s role includes advocating for research participant’s rights and understanding as well as to provide community outreach and education on the importance of clinical research. She also provides education to faculty and staff on best practices for ensuring participant understanding in the research process. Sadie is a native of Kansas and received her BS degree from the University of Kansas before moving to Salt Lake City in 1995.

Dr. Johnson is the Director for the University of Utah Institutional Review Board and has been with the organization since 2006. She is an expert in human subjects research requirements and regulations. She has been a leader in establishing a single IRB process for the University of Utah, as well as the NCATS-funded Trial Innovation Network. Dr. Johnson is an active member of the research community, not only reviewing and auditing proposals for the IRB, but also having conducted research and public health interventions in the United States and abroad. She has taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses and is instrumental in continuing research education for the University of Utah, providing instruction on consent form models, establishing data and tissue repositories, investigator-initiated clinical trials, and managing reportable events.


Ann Johnson, PhD, MPH

Director, Institutional Review Board


Robert Larsen

Director, Information Technology

Mr. Larsen is the Director of Information Technology.  He earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah with an emphasis in Information Systems.  He later returned to the Business School as an Adjunct Instructor. He has worked for the University since 2001 and for Research Administration since 2003.  The IT Office is responsible for the Information Systems, particularly the Electronic Research Integrity & Compliance Administration (ERICA) System.  

Emily Ostrander is the Director of the Conflict of Interest (COI) Office. The Conflict of Interest Office supports the University community in identifying and managing financial conflicts of interest related to research and scholarly activities, business transactions, and intellectual property. Emily has worked at the University in research for over a decade, serving in a wide-range of clinical research capacities at Huntsman Cancer Institute, and in the COI Office as an Associate Director, Task Force on Foreign Influence member, Operations Manager, and Senior Research Analyst. She has been nominated for an Administration District Staff Excellence Award. Her academic background includes subjects such as mediation, healthcare administration, office management, medical terminology, patient education, and law.

Emily Ostrander 

Emily Ostrander

Director, Conflict of Interest


Last Updated: 7/28/21